The basis of this website is to understand the great ocean of Jain Aagam scriptures. It is very vast. It contains innumerable meanings. It is a great mystery. It is very deep and very profound.

With Rashtra Sant Yug Diwakar Pujya Gurudev Shri Namra Muni M.S's inspiration & direction, this web site is dedicated to educating people on Jain Aagams - the sermons and teachings of Baghwan Mahavir, in easily understandable form as they are translated in Gujarati language from the original Ardha-magadhi Prakrit language it was written in.

Baghwan Mahavir said to Gautam Swami : �Accept not what I say as truth because it is backed by tradition, or because it is the law of the land, or because it sounds good, or because it comes from your teacher. Accept as truth only that which is sagaciously acceptable to reason as well as sentiment�.

As we embark into the digital era, it is a good time to present Jain Aagams with an alternate approach and technique of multimedia, which will help to understand the basis of Jainism and value and practise the teachings of Baghwan Mahavir. It is our endeavour to reach to wider audience and enable them to discover the richness and spirituality of our supreme source of knowledge � Aagams.


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