Jain Aagam Mission is an effort to promote the eternal truths of the Universe propounded by Bhagwan Mahavir in the holy scriptures called Aagams. The primary goal of this mission is to propogate Parmatma’s wisdom to each and every corner of the world, and thus create a world free from the different diseases prevalent today like violence, terrorism, crimes, depression, etc. Thus, by imbibing Parmatma’s teachings which act as a guiding light in each and every aspect of life, we can help build a compassionate, non – violent and peace – loving world.



- Translate all Jain Aagams (scriptures) into English and other world languages

- Make Aagams available in all electronic forms

- Promote awareness of Bhagwan Mahavir’s preachings throughout the world

- Encourage and promote research on Aagams to develop the much needed soultions to world challenges (ecology & environment, global warming, world peace, psychology, health, scientific principles, etc.)

- Promote Jain Way of Life (JWOL) which promotes a nonviolent living in harmony with all - Be a resource for information and referral



The Jain Aagam Mission has embarked on a project to translate and publish all Jain Aagams into English. The English translation of the Aagams will make Bhagwan Mahavir’s teachings of the eternal truth accessible to the youth not only in India, but across the globe. The goal is to reach every household and every person in the world to impart the deep wisdom of the Aagams. In a non-sectarian way, this Mission will endeavor to deliver Bhagwan Mahavir’s message to hearts of the people. The translated Aagams will be distributed to various international libraries, universities and Jain institutions within India and abroad. In addition, it will be made available on the Internet and in electronic forms of eBooks, etc. Many learned intellectuals from different countries and cultures have supported this project of translating the Aagam’s into English. In addition, this mission is receiving guidance and blessings from spiritual leaders of various religious traditions. BE A PART OF THIS AUSPICIOUS MISSION : We invite scholars, spiritual aspirants and shraavaks to join us in making this mission a success. Your contribution in the form of knowledge, time, and money will be appreciated. Please contact by email: [email protected]



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