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SHRI AACHARANG SUTRA is the first Aṅga Sutra from the 12  Aṅga Sutras. Jain religion is based on  Aachar i.e.good conduct hence SHRI AACHARANG SUTRA is the principal Aagam having huge importance. It has two parts Bramhcharya Vibhag & Aachar Chula.

  1. Bramhcharya Vibhag :
  2. There are 9 chapters in it. Desire for sexual or any worldly enjoyment is the biggest weakness of a Soul. That is why it is quintessential to sacrifice any desire for sexual pleasures and practice celibacy as a proper conduct of one’s Soul. Hence this part contains explanations of the subjects relating to practice of celibacy.

  • The first chapter contains explanation about the Soul, how to experience the existence of our Soul. It also gives proof of existence of life in all the five elements of nature that is earth, water, air, fire and vegetation.

  • The second chapter deals with “BHAAV LOK “, i. e. one’s attachment to his 5 senses. It also explains the impermanent nature of relations and material things. It stresses the importance of living indifferently in this material world to protect the Soul from being maligned by misdeeds.

  • The third chapter explains how one can keep mental balance when one experiences conducive and adverse situations due to the manifestation of his karmas. It also inspires each and every Soul to find its inner strength. “O Soul! You are your own friend whatever you desire can be found within you, leave all expectations from others and try to know your inner strength.”

  • The forth chapter explains the perpetuity and truthfulness of the religion of non violence in all eras of time cycle. It is essential to observe penance and restraint to follow the religion of non violence.

  • The fifth chapter deals with the most important element of this world and that is religion.   True knowledge is the essence of religion, true knowledge can be attained by observing restraint,  by practicing restraint   brings emancipation which attains eternal bliss.

  • To attain eternal bliss and emancipation, the Soul should strive  to follow the precepts of his Guru and convert his desires of worldly pleasures into contemplation of the soul.

  • The sixth chapter deals with different ways to get rid of our karmas like suppressing wants of the body with proper understanding, observing restraint in the use of the 5 senses and methods for different types of penances.

  • The seventh chapter was destroyed during the time when the Aagam were written.

  • The eighth chapter deals with three types of graceful death (Samadhi-maran) and to attain that dis-attachment towards food, belongings and relations is necessary. .

  • The ninth chapter has the story of Bhagwan Mahavir’s life and his accomplishments which can inspire followers and increases their faith in the path of observing restraint.

  1. Aachar Chula :
  2. This part contains 16 chapters. It mainly describes the conduct and motive of ascetics. It shows the precious ways in which ascetics can remain indifferent while using food, water, clothes and other necessities of life.

In this manner the first part contains omnipotent instructions on purification of thoughts and second part on code of conduct of ascetics.