This is the 5th Aṅga Sutra.


Each Aagam is best from the point of view of the topic it describes. But this Aagam is pre-eminent in all the Aagam because of its vastness, depth and forbearance. It contains the 36000 questions asked by Gautam Swami and others and their answers given by Bhagwan Mahavir.


The original name of this Sutra is “Vyakhyapragnyapti Sutra”  but due to its specialty and respectability it is popularly known as Bhagawati Sutra.


This Aagam has 41 main divisions (Shatak) and intervening divisions comprising of 138 chapters. It has an elaborate exposition of Soul, matter and atom.


The specialty of this Aagam is the auspicious co-ordination of philosophy and conduct. It has stories of certain historical characters like Goshalak, Jamali, Skandhak monk (Sanyasi),   Tamli hermit (Taapas).  The stories of Jayanti Shravika  & Roha ascetic’s (Anagar) questions and questions of laymen of Tungia town (nagari)   gives the readers an in-depth knowledge of nature of many things.


Five types of conduct, six types of unattached Souls and their form, the benefits of doing penance under oath and the unfruitfulness of doing penance without oath, the form of twelve types of penance and such other topics show the path of good conduct.


The Sutra offers information related to the sun, moon, Jain astronomy, many questions related to different fields  and even covers topics on geography as well.


In short the Bhagawati Sutra is a treasure of Jain philosophy and is very auspicious.