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This is the 3rd Aṅga Sutra. It has 10 chapters in which the topics are compiled in the numerical order of 1 to 10.


The 1st sub-division comprises a list of topics that are universal or singular in nature or in existence e.g. soul, universe, etc.. 


2nd chapter gives descriptions of things which are found in pairs-binomial topics.


3rd chapter gives descriptions of things which are found in triplets-trinomial topics and so on and so forth till the tenth chapter which bears the descriptions of objects which are found in volumes of 10.


It is a composition made on statistical pattern that are prepared from a list of all the materials and objects which exist in the numeric order 1-10 and covers topics like  living beings, non-living things, soul, matter, history, geography, mathematics, psychology, science, environment, conduct, etc.


As in this Aagam concepts are explained on the basis of numerical order and therefore the explanation given about a thing in a topic is true relatively. For example in the first chapter ‘Danda’ (punishment) is one from the point of view of hoarding things whereas in chapter 3 from the point of view of conduct it is categorized into 3 forms. The same applies to all topics.


Hundreds of topics are explained in Shree Thanang Sutra hence it is also called the “JAIN DICTIONARY”.